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Opposites Attract: When Harry Met Sally vs Basic Instinct

When Harry Met Sally vs Basic Instinct

We’ve gotten through Valentine’s Day so it’s time to talk about relationships. This week, I’m featuring 2 movies where a pair of people tell themselves they shouldn’t be together yet something keeps bringing them back together, 2 movies that explore our society’s stereotypical beliefs about the relationships between men and women — it’s When Harry Met Sally vs Basic Instinct.

Women Scorned: Fatal Attraction vs Obsessed

Fatal Attraction vs Obsessed

I have watched many an erotic thriller in my day, so I thought it fitting we talk about one of the first versus one of the best — it’s Fatal Attraction vs Obsessed.

Was Michael Douglas a sex symbol? Why was everyone in Fatal Attraction so into spaghetti? Why haven’t you all watched Obsessed?! Idris Elba is a hot rich guy who sends his wife, Beyoncé, flowers every week, while Ali Larter munches on strawberries and wears a trench coat. The choice between these two films is clear.