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Squad Goals: Fight Club vs Coyote Ugly

Fight Club vs Coyote Ugly

This week's movies are both about a shy, down on their luck person who finds an inner strength within a group of like-minded individuals and comes out of their shell — it's Fight Club vs Coyote Ugly. Important takeaways: I teared up 5+ times while re-watching Coyote Ugly and Fight Club would be a better movie if it was from Helena Bonham Carter's point of view. 

Smooth Criminals: Ocean's Eleven vs Ocean's 8

Ocean's Eleven vs Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8 is everything I could have ever wanted in a film. It's a perfect expansion of Ocean's Eleven and the Ocean's Universe (which I believe will one day rival the MCU). While I loved Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's 8 is now my favorite in the franchise. Find out how they compare in this episode, where I also get the chance to express my deep admiration for Sandra Bullock, America's Sweetheart.