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Price of Fame: A Star is Born vs Country Strong

A Star is Born 2018 vs Country Strong

Enjoy my rageful comparison of 2 movies about aging country singers with substance abuse problems, the hot young star they take under their wing, and the price of fame — it’s A Star is Born vs Country Strong. Spoiler alert: I HATED A Star is Born. I love the legend known as Gwyneth Paltrow. I welcome arguments about my opinions, I’m ready and raring to go in defending my Bradley Cooper rage.

Mental Gymnastics: Silver Linings Playbook vs The Skeleton Twins

Silver Linings Playbook vs The Skeleton Twins

In this episode, I compare two dramedies about mental illness - one is a beautiful movie with an incredible cast that deserved a million Oscars and the other is a movie called Silver Linings Playbook. The one that deserves your respect and praise is The Skeleton Twins, and by the end of this episode you'd better have rented or purchased a copy. 

Also, I get into my oft-discussed hatred for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, it's the opposite feeling of the true and real love I feel for my girl Gwyneth Paltrow.