Somebody to Love: (500) Days of Summer vs Tiptoes

500 Days of Summer vs Tiptoes

This week’s comparison features 2 unexpected and quirky love stories that don't follow the typical Hollywood formula — it's (500) Days of Summer vs Tiptoes. I explain why Summer was in the right, prove my undying love for Kate Beckinsale, and I beg listeners to help me find the extended cut of Tiptoes.

Meddling Kids: The Goonies vs BMX Bandits

The Goonies vs BMX Bandits

Quentin Tarantino said, "If we'd grown up in Australia, BMX Bandits would have been our Goonies" and I'm inclined to agree. Find out how these two movies about kids getting involved in the crimes of weird looking adults compare, and why Nicole Kidman will inspire you to tuck your t-shirt into your pants.