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Going Viral: 28 Days Later vs Contagion

28 Days Later vs Contagion

I get very passionate this week discussing 2 movies where plagues overtake the earth, revealing the truth of humanity, both the good and the bad — it’s 28 Days Later vs Contagion.

Lone Wolf: Logan vs Iron Man 3

Logan vs Iron Man 3

I’ve got a supersized super hero episode for you this week! 2 heroes who have isolated themselves after traumas they faced while being part of a team and who are saved from themselves because of their love for another person — it’s Logan vs Iron Man 3.

Price of Fame: A Star is Born vs Country Strong

A Star is Born 2018 vs Country Strong

Enjoy my rageful comparison of 2 movies about aging country singers with substance abuse problems, the hot young star they take under their wing, and the price of fame — it’s A Star is Born vs Country Strong. Spoiler alert: I HATED A Star is Born. I love the legend known as Gwyneth Paltrow. I welcome arguments about my opinions, I’m ready and raring to go in defending my Bradley Cooper rage.

Love is Blind: The Shape of Water vs Shallow Hal

The Shape of Water vs Shallow Hal

In one of my most important comparisons, I discuss forbidden love and ignoring society's judgments in The Shape of Water and Shallow Hal. The Shape of Water is the Amélie of the sea, NOT INTERESTED. However, I AM interested in Gwyneth Paltrow and I need her to come fix my life. All hail Goop.