Better Together: Kick-Ass vs Blade: Trinity

Kick-Ass vs Blade Trinity

These movies feature rogue heroes from all walks of life teaming up in pursuit of a common goal, and the supposed side characters become the best part of the film ⁠— it’s Kick-Ass vs Blade: Trinity.

In the wake of all the new Marvel films and series announced at San Diego Comic-Con, and a new iteration of Blade with Mahershala Ali, it seemed like a good time to delve back into the fringes of the super hero genre, the Marvel super heroes who don’t get the due of a Captain America or an Iron Man.

Lone Wolf: Logan vs Iron Man 3

Logan vs Iron Man 3

I’ve got a supersized super hero episode for you this week! 2 heroes who have isolated themselves after traumas they faced while being part of a team and who are saved from themselves because of their love for another person — it’s Logan vs Iron Man 3.

Glory Days: Guardians of the Galaxy vs Captain Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy vs Captain Marvel

This week we have 2 emotionally stunted super heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who like flannel and leather jackets and whose films are fully taking advantage of our love for nostalgia — it's Guardians of the Galaxy vs Captain Marvel.